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Regional Equestrian League: | Regional Equestrian League: Jahnvi, Niharika, Inaara qualify for the Nationals

Updated on Tuesday, May 02, 2023 21:32 PM IST

Mumbai:Jahnvi Raheja, Niharika Singhania and Inaara Luthria qualify for the Nationals in the show jumping and dressage sections of the Regional Equestrian League hosted by Amateur Riders' Club at the Mahalaxmi Race Course here.

In the Dressage Children I category, Inaara Luthria scored 68% while riding on Dasha Deluxe and Ayaan Palaparthy scored 55% while riding on Starleena.

"I had already qualified for the JNEC at the previous REL in March with a score of 63.5%, but I wanted to see if I could do better. My coach pushed me to work diligently and with focus on my horse Dasha Deluxe," said the 12-year-old Inaara Luthria a student of NSS Hill Spring International School, Mumbai.

"I was thrilled to score 68.75% on the day of the competition. I also got some valuable feedback and advice from senior jury members who were very encouraging," she was quoted as saying by the organisers in a release on Tuesday.

In the Dressage Children II category, Shivank scored 63% while riding on Thunder Boy. Sara Kane scored 56% while riding on Starleena.

In the Dressage Junior category, Jahnvi Raheja, riding on Belvedere, finished her round with a score of 66.6%. Niharika Singhania riding on her horse Cardinal finished the round with a score of 65.8%, she competed again and scored 61.9% riding on the horse Kwartz Decadent Grey RS2. Maira Gracias, riding on Imagine, finished her round with a score of 57.6%.

The 17-year-old Niharika Singhania from DSB International School credited coordination between her and her mount for her performance.

"In this sport, the most important thing is teamwork. For you to know your horse and to be able to be in perfect sync with them is crucial," she said.

"I am very grateful to my coach Bobin sir and team ARC for holding the REL event last weekend. I was very happy to have scored a 66.6% with Belvedere and delighted to have qualified for the JNEC," said Jahnvi Raheja, the 15-year-old from Cathedral and John Connon School.

In the Show Jumping Young Rider category, Cdt Partham Kundu, riding on Tomahawk; finished the round in 77.7 seconds with 4 penalties. Paraj Shah, riding on Cloud 9, finished the round in 82.9 seconds with 8 penalties. Cdt. Prakhar Negi, riding on Rennaisance, finished the round in 67.9 seconds with 16 penalties and failed to qualify for the Nationals.

In the Dressage Young Rider category, Cdt. D Majumder, riding on Pride, finished the round with a score of 56.5%. Cdt. Shaurya Shekhar, riding on Vajra, finished the round with a score of 55.9% Cdt. Partham Kundu, riding on Tomahawk, finished the round with a score of 55.4%. Cdt. Prakhar Negi, riding on the horse Rennaisance, finished the round with a score of 54.4% Cdt. Sai Jayanti Butti, riding on Thunder Boy, finished the round with a score of 50.7%.